Info: Waxing FAQs

Why are there some treatments only as additional booking and not single booking (like bikini, armpits, eyebrows or upper lip)?

An eyebrow correction or e.g. upper lip waxing usually goes quite quickly
if this is combined with another treatment. Since we are not a pure waxing studio and only work with appointments, the time involved (room cleaning / payment processing ect) for a mini waxing would be too great and would be reflected in an excessive price.

How long does the hair need to be?

It is recommended not to shave them at least 10-14 days before.
In any case, they should not stand up stubbly.

How quickly does the hair grow back?

First time waxing, they grow back a bit faster and your next appointment should be about 3weeks later.
After the 3rd time waxing, yourhair will be starting to grow back much more slowly and depending on the person and body part, the next appointment can be 4 to 7 weeks apart.

Does the hair really grow back finer and softer?

Yes. After the second time waxing, you will notice they grow back softer already.
From the3rd or 4th time some hair might not grow back at all. It also is less painful.

What do I need to know, before my appointment?

It would be best to exfoliate your skin once a week, especially the day before waxing.
It prevents ingrown hairs.
Please don’t moisturize your skin, after your last shower.
If you want, you can take an iboprofen 60 min before, But you don’t have to be afraid….every client has left my Salon alive …..and came back again 😉

What do I need to know, after my appointment?

Please don’t lay in the sun right afterwards.
You should us a soothing lotion or cream after the waxing and for 5 days after.
A week later, you should then start to exfoliate your skin regularly and moisturize again to prevent ingrown hair.

What kind of wax do you use?

We mostly use oil soluble wax (warm wax) with and without strips, depending on what area of the body needs to be waxed.

All the wax we use has high quality, but we do have a wax especially for sensetive skin, so giving the minimum irritation.

Does the hair grow back slower after sugaring than it does with waxing? And what is the difference?

No! Whether a hair is removed with wax, sugar or tweezers does not determine
how fast it comes back. Ripped out is ripped out.
Sugaring involves the use of a sugar paste. Clients,
who are particularly sensitive to heat, may find sugaring more pleasant, as it is applied at body temperature. However, it may hurt more with longer hair

What is the different between Bikini, Brazilian and Hollywood (intim) waxing?

Bikini , just takes the hair you would show, wearing a bikini Brazilian leaves a so called landing strip.
Hollywood is removal of all hair (we now call brazilian and hollywood wax intim wax).
When booking your appontment, all we need to know is, if you want a bikini or a intim (brazilian or hollywood) wax so we can schedule the right time. Intim wax includes removal of the hair between your bum cheeks.

Waxing while having the periode? Is that okay?

Yes, that is no problem (just use a tampon for hygien reasons).
Nearly 40% of our female clients get waxed douring their periode. You might be a bit more
sensetive, but it will be worth it.

Do you also wax men?

Yes we do, but we don’t wax them in the private areas.

If you have any more questions, feel free to either email or call us.