krista garbutt. a passion for my work.

Being a beautician is not only a job for me, it’s what I LOVE doing!
It means much more to me than just making you look more beautiful, or more handsome.
I want you to come in and recharge your batteries, by taking you into my world for a while and sending you back out into life with a smile. With a healthy, attractive and younger looking skin!

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About me

I (Krista Garbutt) was born in the early 70s in Chicago (USA), but I have lived here in Germany with my family since I was 3 years old.
That’s why I grew up speaking 2 languages and can now speak perfect German and English.
I knew right from the start, that being a beautician was the job for me, so that’s what I did, right after my school exams in 1989.
After my first year, I then went over to Chicago to work as a beautician, to gain more experience in my work, language and life.
Since being back in Munich, I have always worked in the center of the city.I opend my own salon Spring 2005 inside of a hairdresser, where I have been working as an employee years before and in the summer of 2006 I have moved to Zentnerstraße 17.
Here I have found it nice and quiet, away from any disturbance or noise, the perfect place for the feelgoodsalon.

It is not only my responsibility for treating your skin, hands and feet it is also important for me to make you feel good and give you some of my positive energy.
I don’t only have women coming to me, as more and more men are now becoming brave enough to enjoy a pedicure, manicure or of course, a facial. When you come for a visit, you will be able to feel how much I love working with people, the job I do, and the energy that I do it with. Relax in a quiet atmosphere, forget about your everyday life for a while and be pampered and spoiled.

Available exclusive only in the  feelgoodsalon and in our online shop
organic line – Vegan – made in Germany – with Biostrom – Animal friendly –
no Mineral oil / Parabene / Silikones – sustainable because in glass bottle – no additional packaging
tested and aproved from skin specialist

Our motto: “Buy local – help local”.
With my own cosmetics line, I have fulfilled a long-awaited dream.
I would also like to support “local” with my organic cosmetics and after long research I have found
“the Green Forest Fund”
Nature in Germany also needs help. Land is bought, trees and bushes are planted – which will not get cut down. Primeval forests are created in order to create habitats for wild animals, birds and insects.

best organic line cleanser

Mild and clarifying cleansing milk, for all skin types.
Natural additives such as aloe vera, apricot oil and cucumber extract nourish the skin during cleansing and promote its natural balance.

Active ingredients: Aloe vera, apricot oil, cucumber extract, Vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides, mineral salts, proteins and enzymes – Coconut oil-based surfactant for cleaning

best organic line toner

The light tonic gently clarifies and  preps the skin for better moisture absorption. Allantoin can positively support skin health.

Active ingredients: Aloe vera for moisturizing. Panthenol to care for the skin. Allantoin and Sodium PCA to keep the skin moist and increasing hydration.
Alcohol for disinfection. Witch hazel to tighten / tone the skin

best organic line hyaluron creamhyaluroncream
Moisturizing cream made of a combination of aloe vera, sorbitol and hyaluronic acid wich provides the skin with intensive and long-lasting moisture.

Active ingredients:
Hyaluronic acid: has an intense anti-wrinkle effect. Strengthens the skin.
Aloe Vera: moisturizing, soothing and moisture regulating.
Barbary fig: counteracts skin aging and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

best organic line vitamincreamvitamincream
Rich anti-age cream with a complex of active ingredients from black oats, vitamin A, B, E and lecithin.

Active ingredients: Black oat extract contains water-binding substances such as polysaccharides and amino acids and thus supports the skin’s own NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). Vegetable lecithin strengthens the lamellar lipid matrix of the epidermis, the transepidermal water loss of the skin is reduced.

best organic line decolleté creamdecolletécream
Effective anti-aging cream for the neck and décolleté area.

Active ingredients:PRUNUS AMYGDALUS DULCIS ( almond oil ) can significantly increase the elasticity of the skin
Shea Butter has an intensive nourishing & antioxidant effect
MACADAMIA INTEGRIFOLIA SEED OIL moisturizes and improves elasticity
Coconut oil creates a soft skin feeling without being greasy


best organic line enzym peel
The enzyme peel gently removes dead skin cells and makes the skin appear finer and smoother.  Active ingredients can be absorbed even better afterwards.

Active ingredients:
– Active ingredient from the wild pistachio tree
– panthenol
– Pomegranate seed oil
– Vitamin E

best organic line deep cleanserdeepcleanser
Step 1 of 3 – Anti Aging Set
Cleanse pores intensively from impurities and dissolves deep pollution.
Activates new cells and stimulates the skin’s own regeneration.

Active ingredients:
Lactic acid moisturizes the skin sustainably, softens the skin and is effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
Allantoin exerts its effect by removing dead skin cells on the surface and stimulates the growth of epithelial cells in deeper layers of the skin. This ultimately stimulates the regeneration of the upper layers of the skin, which grow from the inside out.

best organic line fruit acidfruitacid
Step 2 of 3 – Anti Aging Set
Provides fresher and softer skin while preventing signs of aging such as small wrinkles and pigment spots.

Active ingredients:
Salicylic acid has a corneal dissolving, anti-inflammatory effect.
It separates skin cells from each other and activates enzymes that also separate cells. Salicylic acid helps the skin to rejuvenate itself.
Panthenol is a representative of vitamin B and can be absorbed very good by the skin.    This stimulates the groth of new cells and activates the healing of the skin.



best organic line repair serumrepairserum
Step 3 of 3 – Anti Aging Set
Supplies the skin with important peptides and activates the cell’s own collagen groth.

Active ingredients: Hyaluronic acid works against wrinkles. In the skin it acts as a water reservoir and provides elasticity and resilience.
Aloe vera is considered an ideal moisturizer and stimulates healing.
Peptides boost cell communication.
They serve to stimulate collagen production, protect against premature collagen degradation, reduce inflammation and increase the moisture content of the skin.


In order to protect nature, we are trying to reduce plastic. For this reason, we have chosen sustainable brown glass for our products without additional packaging. It also protects the contents against UV rays and extends the shelf life.
Our goal is to get a refill system approved. We are happy to take back the empty bottle and dispose of it professionally or send it back to the filling company.