The feelgoodsalon gift voucher

Looking for an individual present?

You can now order and pay 24/7
for your voucher online and receive it
immediately. Just click on this link

Personalised *Gift Vouchers*  “old school” available

If you call or email us in advance, we will prepare the voucher for you and gift wrap it (free of charge).

No time or you live in a different city but still want an “old school” gift voucher card?
No problem
If you pay upfront (paypal  + 2 Euros Paypal fee or Bank transfer)
we will sent the voucher to the address of your choice.

You can never go wrong with a feelgood voucher!!

  • please fill in our “Voucher form”,
  • “Treatment or Amount”:
    choose between a treatment or amount
  • We will send you a bill through and after the payment arrived, the voucher by mail
    or if you wish by email as a PDF

    Your name (mandatory)

    Your mail address (mandatory)

    Your phone number (mandatory)

    Name which should be written on the voucher (mandatory)

    Treatment or Amount (mandatory)

    Event or Date

    Wrap as gift

    Please send the voucher to following address

    (0.85€ letter / 1.60€ large letter gift wrapped.)