Info: Facial for returning clients

You have already visit us recently for a facial and would like to choose your own treatment program….
We use mainly organic products (vegan, hypoallergenic and tested dermatologically. No mineral oil derivatives, parabens and artificial aromas and cruelty free)
In addition, feelgoodsalon has its own organic cosmetics brand !!Made in Germany!!
Facial, about 90 min
including facial scrub and steam, extracting, eyebrow shaping, ampoule
massage and mask
Men facail, about 75 min
including facial scrub and steam, extracting, waxing ears and nose, eyebrow shaping, ampoule, massage and mask
Intensiv facial about 75 min
ncluding facial peel and steam, eyebrow shaping, intensive but gentle extracting unwanted blackheads and spots, soothing ampoul, special mask reducing redness and speeds up the healing process of your skin
feelgood aqua glow treatment
Would you like to take time out and make your skin glow again in a short time? Our feelgood GLOW treatment (about 60 Min) is suitable for all skin tipes. We treat your skin in two steps with our Aquacleans device exfoliating and deep cleansing. (The dead skin is gently suctioned and rinsed with water. Skin particles and deep-seated dirt are removed.Your skin is already bright and radiant. Active ingredients with aloevera, hyaluron and peptiede nourish and hydrate the skin. The snow alge mask is freshly mixed, applied and gently massaged in. You will see the difference immediately. (Eyebrow correction and manual squeezing spots is NOT included, but can be added). The complete treatment is done with our feelgoodsalon organic cosmetic line. Offer 109, – Euro instead of 129
Relax/Express facial about 60 min
including facial scrub and steam, eyebrow shaping, ampoule, mask
massage OR extracting,
Silk Power Liftig – our biological lifting treatment – about 45 min
valuable silk proteins with an effektive, biological purification process will make your skin look firm, pure and smooth
hand massage included
Mini-special about 30 – 40 min
This treatment is great to “squeeze in” during your lunch break, or if you want to achieve a big result in a short time.
After cleansing the skin you can choose between a microdermabrasion, expert peel, softneedling or Oxipuls treatment (without extraction or massage). Depending on the chosen treatment, the price is between 79-109 Euro.
Feelgood-special ca 30 – 40 min
(more information soon)
Micro needling – Microneedling – with oxygen and hyaluron serumrejuvenating– firming – reduces scars
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add-on treatments to your facial

Special masks / special treatments
for example power mask, hyaluronic vlies mask, snow alge mask and more.
More information in the salon
15,- € to 35,- €
intensive treatment using micro crystals
against wrinkles, acne scares and more
(please protect your skin from UV light for at least 10-14 days)
45,- €
Expert peeling (fruit acid without skin peeling) helps against: pigment spots, blemished skin, helps to reduce wrinkles. We will decide together which skin problem should be solved. Please protect your skin against high UV radiation for 10-14 days.
 45,- €
massaging and penetrating serums with a needling pen deeper in your skin.
Firmer skin and an even bigger result of your facial treatment.
35,- €


Oxy Puls (oxygen puls treatment)
With approx. 2 bar pressure, oxygen is gently but deeply pressed through an “active ingredient special mask” into the cell membranes. This is the best area where they can “work” in a more precise way. The skin immediately becomes smoother and plumper. 
Skin analysis and consultation
You would like to know the current condition of your skin and what solutions we would recommend for your skin problems? We will take a close look at your skin with a special skin analyzer. This will help you to understand it better.
Upper lip / chin wax each 10,- €
Face wax (upper lip, chin, cheaks) 25,-€
Eyelash dye douring facial 15,-€
Eyebrow dye douring facial  8,-€
Lash lift and dyeing douring facial mask ( please add 30 minutes) 55,-€
Browlifting douring your facial
Browlifting including eyebrow shaping, tint and keratin booster result will last up to 7 weeks
Lashlifting and browlifting douring your facial (please add 45 minutes)  105,-€