Info: Facial

Facial, about 90 min
including facial scrub and steam, extracting, eyebrow shaping, ampoule
massage and mask
Men facail, about 75 min
including facial scrub and steam, extracting, waxing ears and nose, eyebrow shaping, ampoule, massage and mask
Express facial about 60 min
including facial scrub and steam, eyebrow shaping, ampoule, mask
massage OR extracting,
Silk Power Liftig – our biological lifting treatment – about 45 min
valuable silk proteins with an effektive, biological purification process will make your skin look firm, pure and smooth
hand massage included
Minifacial about 30 min
including facial scrub, massage OR mask
Combipacket face and eye (Bayern) about 30 min – 40 min
including facial scrub, eyebrow shaping, eye lash dye, mask (worth 56,-€)
Munic Special
including facial scrub, eyebrow shaping (and dye for free), eyelash dyeing
special mask and small massage – feel and look fresh in no time
about 45  minutes (worth 89,-€)

add-on treatments for your facial (klick here to open a new window)

Special masks / special treatments
for example hot mask, collagen vlies mask, flower mask,
vitamin C treatment and more. More information in the salon
16,- € to 35,- €
Facial with organic products
All our products are from high quality and also for sensitive skin. If you prefere to treat your skin with organic products, please let us know
10,- / 15,-€
intensive treatment using micro crystals
against wrinkles, acne scares and more
(please protect your skin from UV light for at least 10-14 days)
45,- €
pay 6 in advance 240,-€
massaging and penetrating serums with a needling pen deeper in your skin.
Firmer skin and an even bigger result of your facial treatment.
35,- €


Vip Package 1
skin improvement on a high level
Microdermabrasion, soft needling, spacial mask
(instead of 105,-€)
 Vip Package 2
best skin improvement with immediate result
Microdermabrasion, soft needling, hyaluron oxygen treatment,
special mask
(instead of 165,-€)
Upper lip / chin wax each 8,- €
Face wax (upper lip, chin, cheaks) 25,-€
Manicure douring steam and facial mask (please add 15 min)
– without nail polish
– with nail polish
– with french polish
– nail polish without manicure 15,-€
Paraffin treatment for   both hands /neck each15,- €
Foot-Peelingmassage douring steam or facial mask
relaxe douring your treatment, while getting your feet massaged with our aroma scrub. They will feel soft and smooth (about 10 min)
 Eye treatment
Collagen vlies 10,- €
Special lifting eye mask from Academie or Aqua Organic 15,- €
 Eyelash dyeing douring steam or facial mask 15,-€
 Eyebrow dyeing 8,-€
 Eyelash perm douring facial mask ( please add 30 minutes) 30,-€
 Eyelash perm and dyeing douring facial mask ( please add 30 minutes) 40,-€
Lash lift and dyeing douring facial mask ( please add 30 minutes) promotion price
(instead of 59,-€)