Info: Lash lift (Men)

If you would like to have long looking lashes with a dark and natural look, without using lash extensions , then a lash lift might just be the right thing for you!!

Is a lash lift not the same thing, as a eyelash perm?
No, it lifts your natural lashes from the root giving the illusion of length and making the eyes appear more open. Also very effective with short lashes!

Working steps:
In an “eyelash lift” treatment, your own eyelashes are lifted, fixed and colored (if needed), thereby visually lengthening them and opens your eyes. A keratin booster provides the hairs with nourishment and has a laminating effect.
Try not to touch your lashes with water afterwards for about 2 days.
The result lasts about 6 to 8 weeks.
TIP: Take home our lash ceratin cream to help them stay even more “in shape”.

Lash lift including eyelash dye


Lash lifting (Combi Mallorca) Why not treat yourself with a special mask, douring your lash lift?
Worth 117.- now only 99.-


Lash lift (Combi Hawaii)
eyebrow shape and dye, including a Minifacial with special mask and small massage
Combo Price 129.- (worth 160.-) about 90 minutes


Lash & Browlifting (Combi Dubai)
it can’t look any better ­čÖé Combo Price 125.- (worth 150.-) please allow about 75 min


Lash lift during your facial and mask (please add 30 minutes to your facial) special price


Lashlifting and browlifting during your facial and mask (please add 30 – 45 minutes to your facial) special price