Info: Eye perm

Whether you have a special occasion or party or you just want to add an extra touch of glamour to your eyes,  eyelash perm is a fantastic idea.
With an eyelash perm, we give your own lashes a dramatic wave. Your eyes will look more open and prettier and best of all, you can forget your eyelash curler for at least 4 weeks or more.
Reccommended for long lashes.

Eyelash perm 60,- €
Eyelash perm including dye and keratin serum 65,- €
Eyebrow dye (as add on) 8,-€
Eyebrow wax (as add on) 12,- €
Why not treat yourself with a special mask, douring your lash lift? Worth 25€ – now only 20€ 85,-€
relaxe douring your treatment, while getting your feet or hands massaged with our aroma scrub. They will feel soft and smooth.  (about 10 min) 15,-€