Info: Manicure / Pedicure


– douring a facial
25,- €
20,- €
 plus Nail polish 8,- €
 plus French nail polish 10,- €
only nail polish (without Manicure) 12,- €
Pedicure with footbath 32,- €
Nail polish 4,- €
French nail polish 8,- €
only nail polish (without Pedicure) 12,- €

Paraffin treatment

Hands 13,- €
Feet 16,- €

After soaking your feet in a warm foot bath, we clip, file and buff your nails, remove unwanted calluses and cuticles and more, if needed. Freshly applied nail polish will last at least 3 weeks or longer. Your feet will be soft and smooth again and it will feel like you are walking on clowds.
Our costumers visit us regularly every 3 to 6 weeks to get a pedicure
We offer our pedicure customers a complimentary bonus card, with the 10th pedicure free of charge.

Paraffin treatment
A great treatment for your feet and hands. After your pedicure (manicure) we first covere your feet with rich foot cream and then dip them in our warm, liquid paraffin wax. The wax creates a seal and allows moisture to penetrate deep into the skin. Heat from the wax allows pores to open and skin becomes soft and smooth. It is a perfect treatment agains ruff and hard skin on hand sand feet. It is an ideal add on with your pedicure, manicure or even facial.