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electronic cashChoose from our big selection or book a „Holiday“ in the feelgoodsalson with one of our Combi packages – from 30 min up to 4 hours.

Facials infos 27,- – 65,-
Hyaluronic-Oxygen infos from 20,-
NEW Microneedling  infos
Microdermabrasion infos from 72,-
Back treatment infos 28,- / 40,-
Eyebrow / Eyelash dyeing infos 8,-/15,-
Eyelash extensions infos from 60,-
Eyelash perm infos 33,-
Manicure / Pedicure infos from 25,- / 32,-
Feelgood-Combi package infos from 41,-
Wedding-Special infos
Bodymassage for women infos 12,- / 48,-
Bodytreatments for women infos from 59,-
Vibration training infos from 19,-
NEW!!! Sugaring
 Intim (Brazilian or Hollywood) (women only) 37,-
 Lower leg 35,-
Under arm (only as add on) 20,-
Sugar Beach  (Lower leg, intim, under arms) 75,-
Full Back inkl. Sholders 39,-
Lower legs
Upper legs
Full legs 41,-
Arms (both arms) 19,-
Bikini line 15,-
Brazilian, Hollywood Waxing
(women only)
Under Arms 13,-
Upper lip, Chin,
Eyebrow shaping
(only as add on treatment)
Back or Chest 26,- / 30,-
Fullbody waxing infos
(women only)
Beach waxing (Lower leg, intim, under arms) 59,-

Waxing FAQ

All prices in € and including Tax (MwSt.)

Looking for an individual present?
Personalised *Gift Vouchers* available
If you call or email us in advance, we will prepare the voucher for you and gift wrap it (free of charge).

No time or you live in a different city? No problem
if you pay upfront ( paypal or Bank transfer)
we will sent the voucher to the address of your choice