Info: Facial


Facial, about 90 min
including facial scrub and steam, extracting, eye brow shaping, ampoule
massage and mask
65,- €
Men facail, about 75 min
including facial scrub and steam, extracting, waxing ears and nose, eye brow shaping, ampoule, massage and mask
57,- €
Express facial about 60 min
including facial scrub and steam, eye brow shaping, ampoule, mask
massage OR extracting,
49,- €
Silk Power Liftig – our biological lifting treatment – about 45 min
valuable silk proteins with an effektive, biological purification process will make your skin look firm, pure and smooth
including a hand massage and 2ml ampoule for home use
Minifacial about 30 min
including facial scrub, massage OR mask
27,- €
Combipacket face and eye (Bayern) about 30 min
including facial scrub, eye brow shaping, eye lash dye, mask
41,- €

add-on treatments for your facial

Special masks / special treatments
for example hot mask, collagen vlies mask, flower mask,
vitamin C treatment and more. More information in the salon
15,- € bis 30,- €
intensive treatment using micro crystals
against wrinkles, acne scares and more
45,- €
im 3er Abo 41,- €
im 6er Abo 38,- €
massaging and penetrating serums with a needling pen deeper in your skin.
Firmer skin and an even bigger result of your facial treatment.
without nail polish
with nail polish
with french polish
35,- €

20,- €
28,- €
30,- €

Upper lip and chin wax each 8,- €
Paraffin treatment for both hands and neck each
Eye treatment
13,- €
Collagen vlies
Special eye mask from Academie
Eye lash dyeing
Eye brow dyeing
Eye lash perm
10,- €
15,- €
15,- €
8,- €